Development History

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2016  Seek potential

Star boat in June 30th as the benchmark date, the new board to start the login. 2018 listing IPO plans.

2014  burst

Star boat year innovation high end total output value reached 300 million.

2012  Diligent

Star boat across the country to set up business, to facilitate the business around the sale service.

2010  Grow up

Star boat intelligent project in full swing.

2015  Transformation

Star boat recruit professionals to form a subsidiary of armor extension design. Achieve business, design, planning, engineering, after sales in one of the business closed loop.

2013  innovate

Star boat to Internet plus era innovation concept, the establishment of the Ministry of planning, to develop smart city business. Total output value of the end of 260 million.

2011  cooperation

Star boat and Greenland Group carried out a comprehensive strategic cooperation. Intelligent engineering projects throughout the country.

2000  Set sail